Coding with Aly

If I can learn to code, then so can you!

Find My Legislators

For my first ever project, we were tasked with creating our very own CLI Gem and were asked to incorporated scraping with Nokogiri. We were also tasked with taking our programs one level deeper.

Secure Coding

At my previous job, I was technically an Administrative Assitant. However very early on, I think they realized that I was overqualified and they needed to give me something more to keep me stimulated. Which led to me being offered the opportunity to assist the Netork Services and IT Department Manager in updating and a lot of times rewriting our nonprofit’s IT Security policies.

Code Block

I had actually taken off this past week off of work just because I needed a mental-health break and also to work on my coding during the down-time. Guess what didn’t happen during my time-off? Ding ding ding! Coding!

You Jump, I Jump, Jack

I used to be a public policy professional with experience in the Michigan Legislature, nonprofits, and lobby firms before I decided to make the switch and learn to code. The reasoning behind why I decided to make this giant, scary, and unsettling leap was because of a few things really, one being the lack of women representation in the tech industry, the opportunities for flexibility in the field, and the last being the opportunity to always be learning and challenging myself.