You Jump, I Jump, Jack

Posted by clairaly on August 10, 2017

I used to be a public policy professional with experience in the Michigan Legislature, nonprofits, and lobby firms before I decided to make the switch and learn to code. The reasoning behind why I decided to make this giant, scary, and unsettling leap was because of a few things really, one being the lack of women representation in the tech industry, the opportunities for flexibility in the field, and the last being the opportunity to always be learning and challenging myself.

Starting over is terrifying. Opening yourself up to being vulnerable is my worst nightmare to be honest. However, you may have noticed that change is uncomfortable, change is scary, and change can even be good! One of the most powerful quotes that really helped me transition into post-grad life a few years ago was from Lauren Berger’s book Welcome to the Real World and her most used phrase was, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. This really led me to put myself out there, which ultimately led me to be able to strike up conversations with anyone, have an easier time speaking in public, be more confident in my decisions and pursue new skills and opportunities.

Coming from the political realm, I was used to females being under-represented and it may have been part of the reason I went that route originally. As one of the recipients of the Women Take Tech Scholarship, I am very happy to be given this opportunity to further the initiative to have more equal representation of women in the tech industry. I hope to change the underrepresentation by getting involved and showing other females that their voice, thoughts, and opinions do matter. The more women that get involved of areas of underrepresenation such as politics and tech, the better off those areas will be. Women bring invaluable contributions to the workforce and to the lives of those around them, so lets all work together to bring more women into every under-represented field! Please encourage as many women as possible to give it a try!