Find My Legislators

Posted by clairaly on February 16, 2018

For my first ever project, we were tasked with creating our very own CLI Gem and were asked to incorporated scraping with Nokogiri. We were also tasked with taking our programs one level deeper.

I created a CLI Gem and used Nokogiri for scraping to create a program that takes in a user’s zipcode input, and will return their federal legislators and their party affiliations. Going one step further, my program also will then ask if the user would like to know more about any of the legislators that are listed for their zipcode, if they would like to go back to the menu or exit the program entirely. This will work for any zipcode entered, and if the user selects one of the legislators it will return a link to their webpage.

My program is called Find My Legislators and the reason I chose to do this program was because of my love for politics and my background in that industry. I want to combine my love for politics and coding whenever possible and I am very happy I was able to do that with this program. I am very proud of the work I did with this program and if you would like to check it out please check-out my GitHub account here.